Mario M. Muller
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                    The three images featured this year are part of the Cashmere Series. The Cashmere series was begun in 2006. Simply stated, the patterns depict the undulating folds of a knit cashmere throw with a strong graphic design. While I have painted these patterns to suggest the folds and creases, it is the viewer’s eye which creates the three dimensionality of the depiction.

Title #1

Publication Price: $600 each

A Set of Three: $1500

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$45 International Shipping

Cashmere #19 -- 3 Sold

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Cashmere #42 -- 4 Sold

Cashmere #39 -- 3 Sold

                    I started this series with small sketches (2006-7), advanced to medium scaled work (2008-10) and this spring undertook the composition of three large scale works (each 40 x 60 inches, 107 x 152 cm.) The latter three can be seen towards the end of the video documentation of the exhibition in Germany for which they were created. These three prints that I am releasing are variations of those three large paintings but with a twist. Working on pieces of this scale one can easily loose the forest from the trees. That is to say, at close range the patterns become wholly abstract. Thus I wanted to simulate this visual vertigo with intimate work that could dissolve. The soft focus allows for this dynamism as they snap into focus and readability at a certain distance while remaining mysterious.

                       My inspiration was drawn primarily from Albrecht Dürer who, along with other artistic heroes of mine including Titian and Rubens, practiced what I can only call a painterly alchemy. This is especially evident in their collective ability to create the optical effect of draping garments. When you see their painting you can feel the weight of cloth as it succumbs to gravity. I wanted to achieve this same effect in the pure Black and White paradigms of my oeuvre.

                        Once again, my great thanks and admiration must be shared with my collaborative partner, Master Printer Jason Tlush. His expertise, sensitivity and technical wizardry are an inspiration.

Pigment Print

on 100% Archival Rag Paper

(German Etching by Hahnemühle)

Limited edition of 40

Image Size: 7 x 12 Inches

17 x 33  cm

Paper Size: 11.5 x 16.75 Inches

29 x 43  cm