Mario M. Muller
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Mario M. Muller

Nowruz, 2014, Pigment Print on Paper, 11 x 17 inches, 27 x 42 cm

Published in an edition of 40

                    This is the first print project to focus on my most iconic series, the silhouettes and shadows in the urban streets most commonly known as the Titans series.

                    As with every foray into prints, my aim was to coax something unique out of the print medium while being true to my core iconography. 

                    I made this image by accumulating over a dozen layers of watercolor, gouache and ink washes. Some layers I worked a very small version. I would scan these, enlarge them and then approached the image with larger brushes, allowing the liquid pigment to pool and seep into the paper. Then I would reduce the entire thing again and start another layer. 

                    As for the composition itself, the primary plane of pedestrians is an amalgam of strong confident women. The men, relegated to the second and receding planes, merely play supporting roles. 

                    The size is impressive at 6 inches by 13 inches (image size) or 11 inches by 17 inches (paper size.) Nowruz is published in an edition of 40.

Title #1

Nowruz, 2014

Publication Price: $800

$25 Domestic Shipping

$45 International Shipping

To order please contact the artist at 310-570-8708 or

Prints ship in 1-2 weeks. Fedex Always possible for rush orders.

Pigment Print  on 100% Archival Rag Paper

(German Etching by Hahnemühle)

Limited edition of 40

Image Size: 6 x 13 inches   17 x 33  cm

Paper Size: 11 x 17 Inches   27 x 42  cm